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ARBINGER’s "Leadership & Strengthening Collaboration" Workshop

The Arbinger Institute, Singapore Pte Ltd
Arbinger enables organizations and individuals to solve their deepest and most difficult people problems-problems that have persisted despite all efforts to solve them. Combining the results of four decades of groundbreaking scholarly work on the phenomenon known as self deception. Arbinger has built a simple yet profoundly effective framework for improving the influence of every leader and individual, whether at home or in the work place. Arbinger’s work is being used with resounding success in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Management and Creating High Performing Teams that propel organizations to higher plateaus of business excellence. Our clients range from individuals seeking help in their lives to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world. To support these groups, we offer public courses, consulting and coaching services, and tailored organizational interventions (including train-the-trainer options).
  • Deep Responsibility - "How I am a problem for others?" - Learn to ask and sin
  • Collaboration - "How can I be more helpful to others?"  - Learn tools and framew
  • Explore the application of the collaboration framework in mutliple organizationa
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Date: 01 December 2012 - 31 December 2012 Training Provder/Company: The Arbinger Institute, Singapore Pte Ltd
Time: 0830 - 1730 hrs Funding/Cost: S$1,710.00 ($1,829.70 inclusive of GST)
Location: Singapore Certification: NA
Course Benefits: -
Course Summary: Participants begin seeing, with amazing clarity and honesty, their way through organizational issues that may have seemed confusing and insoluble.
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Arbinger’s Responsibility@Work
- Leadership & Enabling Change

The “Deeper Issues” that Hurt Leadership, Teamwork and Accountability

Everyone knows that there is something deeper than behaviour that matters a lot. Some call it motivation, others call it character and many call it attitude. We all know that whatever this 'deeper thing' is, when its not functioning effectively, when one's attitude is poor for example - this 'deeper thing' undercuts personal integrity, destroys teamwork and diminishes performance. This also leads to seemingly intractable character problems such as an exaggerated sense of self-importance, feelings of disdain towards others and a mindset of entitlement.

The trouble is that most people lack clarity about what this deeper thing is and how to change it.

While the behavioral level of this human experience is visible, and can be described, analyzed, and addressed in a way that most people understand, this deeper level seems mystical and “soft”. Therefore, most people tend to ignore this deeper level, and focus instead on behavior. Meanwhile, the many problems that are caused by what is deeper than behavior—such as conflict, lack of motivation, poor teamwork, and focus on one’s self remains.

But what if these deeper matters could be managed in more specific terms?
  • What if these issues have seemed mystical and soft only because we have lacked a language that equips us to accurately perceive and address these deeper matters?
  • What if the ”deeper issues” that hurts leadership, teamwork and accountability can be understood and handled with the same level of precision and care that one can levy when addressing behaviors?
Organizations that have implemented Arbinger’s approach credit it with providing dramatic results including: millions of dollars in cost savings, double-digit ROI growth, and turning long-standing conflicts into fair and durable agreements.

This workshop covers:
  • The Problem We Don't See
  • The Consequence that Changes Everything
  • Styles of Justification
  • Justification Run Amuck
  • The Effect of the Deeper Problem on Others, Organizations and Results
  • Recovering Responsibility - Implications for leaders
Arbinger’s Collaboration@Work
- Building High Performance Teams

Master the key to making Accountability & Collaboration our Way of Working.

This workshop helps to fill out an understanding of the implications of the deeper and little known problem addressed in the Arbinger’s Responsibility@Work workshop. It will help participants to start seeing their way through organizational issues that may have seemed confusing and insoluble. It will give them leverage for significantly improving their business overall performance.

The workshop helps participants discover how to gain control over ones work and take on challenges and promote and contribute to improve teamwork.

The workshop teaches participants a way that allows them to leverage the insights that they gained in Arbinger’s Responsibility@Work workshop to improve personal accountability, collaboration, and results. Participants will be provided with a framework and tools that will allow them to formulate, plan and continuously evaluate the extent to which they are working collaboratively, meeting the needs of their customers, colleagues, direct reports and managers.

This workshop covers:
  • Revisiting Arbinger’s Responsibility@Work
  • How can I be more Helpful to Others? – A Framework for Accountability & Collaboration
  • Putting the Accountability & Collaboration Diagram into Practice
  • Implications and Applications in 4 critical areas (Reporting, Job Descriptions, Meetings & Evaluating Performance
  • Evaluating my Accountability and Collaboration
This framework and tools for accountability and collaboration will help participants focus on achieving a clear result toward their customers, colleagues, direct reports and managers. Participants will then learn to clearly determine, prioritize and put in order all of their workplace efforts. The tools for accountability and collaboration will not only improve the performance of the team but will also enhance personal mastery, empowerment and invite high performance in the individual.

For more information, please contact Ms Farah @ +65 6636 3381.

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