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Arbinger’s InHouse Workshops on “Transforming Conflict” [Singapore / Malaysia]

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Arbinger enables organizations and individuals to solve their deepest and most difficult people problems-problems that have persisted despite all efforts to solve them. Combining the results of four decades of groundbreaking scholarly work on the phenomenon known as self deception. Arbinger has built a simple yet profoundly effective framework for improving the influence of every leader and individual, whether at home or in the work place. Arbinger’s work is being used with resounding success in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Management and Creating High Performing Teams that propel organizations to higher plateaus of business excellence. Our clients range from individuals seeking help in their lives to many of the largest companies and governmental institutions in the world. To support these groups, we offer public courses, consulting and coaching services, and tailored organizational interventions (including train-the-trainer options).
  • Understand the true cause of separation (how conflicts originate).
  • Learn and apply the fundamental principles that invite resolution and transforma
  • A powerful approach to transforming conflicts within teams and enable cooperatio
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Date: 01 December 2012 - 31 December 2013 Training Provder/Company: Arbinger South East Asia
Time: 0830 - 1730 Funding/Cost: -
Location: Singapore | Malaysia Certification: -
Course Benefits: Real time conflict resolution with ROI for prevailing organizational challenges with relevant stakeholders.
Course Summary: Arbinger’s unique management technologies offer a powerful approach to transforming conflicts within teams and enable cooperation.
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No matter the conflict, the one thing that every party knows for sure is that:
  1. There is a problem.
  2. It’s the other person’s or group’s fault!
Clearly, this mutually held conviction can’t be the truth, but just as clearly, every party believes it.

So how is it possible that neither party sees their part in the problem?

The technical name for this problem is “self-deception.”
In non-technical terms, it is the problem of, not knowing, and resisting the possibility, that one has a problem (or has contributed to the problem).

Resolving the conflict

This means that in every conflict situation, one or both of the parties has a two-part problem that must be overcome if the conflict is to be resolved.
  1. Giving up their resistance that they might be a part of the problem
  2. Recognizing their role in the problem.
In both content and process, Arbinger’s work is designed to overcome this very problem, making Arbinger uniquely equipped to help individuals, organizations, and groups to resolve even their most difficult conflicts.

How we work with organizations

We help our clients to identify and solve both the conflicts they know about, and to uncover and solve those that they don’t – before they escalate. Our work helps people to see what they haven’t been able to see, and therefore to solve problems that have long seemed insoluble.

Hidden conflicts and conflict escalation

While some conflicts escalate quickly and demand to be addressed, others fester for months and years and silently undermine the effectiveness of the organization. With only the symptoms of staff turnover, motivation issues, internal politics, and interdepartmental conflicts showing.

Many of these conflicts arise wherever individuals and teams fail to see or hold themselves accountable for their full impact in the organizational system, instead pursuing conflicting personal/departmental objectives. Our processes help you catch and resolve these conflicts early, before they become personal, political and hardened.

Stuck in the conflict cycle (or Self perpetuating conflicts)

When conflicts become “hardened”, they can infect the whole organization and have a massive impact on organizational effectiveness. As, the parties actually begin inviting and/or exacerbating the very problems they are complaining about. However—and this is important—parties who are doing this can’t see that they are doing it. We call these self-perpetuating conflicts “collusions.” Most organizations are shocked to discover how much waste and loss is being created by collusions within their organizations.

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