Talent retention lessons from the little guys

Sam Neo, Assistant Manager, HR Business Partnership and Scholarship Engagement, Changi Airport Group, shares how conglomerates can emulate their start-up counterparts when it comes to enticing and engaging millennial talent.
Kelvin Ong - 24 Jan 2017
There is a lot of talk in HR about the benefits of performance management models that emphasise consistent conversations and not ratings, but the jury is still out on how progress can be usefully tracked in the absence of measurable data. HRM Asia examines both sides of the argument.
Sham Majid - 30 Dec 2015
There is no running away from the fact that organisations continue to feel the heat from the turnover enigma. But how can HR play an instrumental role in fixing this issue? HRM investigates.
HRM Asia - 15 Jul 2014
Companies need to understand what these employees value and strive for so that they can develop better engagement and long term retention strategies.
HRM Asia - 16 May 2014
As Singapore moves up the value chain to grow its economy with more high value business activities, companies' ability to survive and succeed will be increasingly dependent on its quality of talent. This provides the motivation to analyse turnover data and derive more meaningful information, says Roy Chew
HRM Asia - 28 Apr 2014
With increasing local and global competition for high calibre professionals, the HR industry needs to look beyond the standard cookie cutter method of assessing a candidate's worth. The 'human' aspect of Human Resource Management (HRM) has largely been overlooked
HRM Asia - 18 Mar 2014
Having dedicated and passionate individuals can truly help your business achieve greater heights. Femke Hellemons, Country Manager, Adecco Singapore, shares how HR professionals can retain and engage employees

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