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27 Aug | Frazer Jones - Global HR Search and Recruitment | Singapore
HR payroll expert required to manage and lead a team in accuracy and compliance of payroll benefits programs and practice
27 Aug | Frazer Jones Global HR Search & Recruitment | Singapore
Manage all HR, operational and administrative matters for the office
02 Sep | Kerry Consulting | Singapore
The business case for WSH
Mark Goodsell, Director, Australian Industry Group shares his thoughts on why workplace safety and health makes good business sense
GSK: Talent management – a serious business imperative
Innovation in engagement, motivation and retention of talent
Itron: A five-prong guideline to employee retention
Performance Leadership Pte Ltd |
Lunch, Learn and Bond with your teams, all within 1 hour! Choose from a variety of light-hearted, interesting or thought-provoking topics that appeal ...
Performance Recognition Pte Ltd |
A monthly business incubator where leaders grow their skills, exchange ideas and share best practices.
Organisational Development Concepts |
Companies are fighting to hire talents. How do you select the right candidates with the knowledge, skill and attitude that the company is looking for?