Employers happy with Australian university graduates

A new survey indicates that Australia’s universities are producing workplace-ready graduates.

According to a new report by Australia’s Department of Education, employers in the country are satisfied with the calibre of Australian university graduates taking up jobs with them.

The 2017 Employer Satisfaction Survey (ESS) quizzed more than 4,000 employers about the technical skills and work readiness of recent graduates from Australian higher education institutions.

Direct supervisors rated their satisfaction with graduates at 84%. The survey found that the vast majority of employers – 93% – were happy with the general literacy and communication of recent graduate employees, while 86% were content with their collaborative skills.

Interestingly, only a little more than half of graduates – 56% – surveyed viewed their qualifications as ‘very important’ or ‘important’ to their current positions,

The survey’s results also suggest that graduates from James Cook University and The University of Notre Dame Australia are the most competitive of their national cohort, as employers indicated the highest rates of overall satisfaction with graduates from these institutions (~91% and ~89% respectively).

Check out the full report here: 2017 Employer Satisfaction Survey

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