SMRT staff granted amnesty to admit lapses

Despite the pardon, SMRT revealed earlier today (November 6) that six employees will face disciplinary action.

In light of last month's flooding along SMRT’s North-South line tunnels being caused by employee lapses, the operator earlier last week gave staff amnesty to come forward and reveal their operational breaches.

As of Friday evening (November 3), employees from at least one department, namely the building and facilities department, have admitted to being negligent in their work, The Straits Times reported.

At the start of the week of October 30th, SMRT had sent a company-wide email urging individuals to come clean about their lapses by November 3. The company had stated that no disciplinary actions would be taken if staff did so by the deadline.  

The move also came as it was found that a team of engineers and technicians in charge of maintaining a water pump system had falsely signed off on work dating back to December 2016 that were not actually performed.

The ensuing flood had caused the North-South line to be out of operation for some 20 hours on October 7, affecting over 250,000 commuters. 

HRM Asia contacted SMRT for an update on the exercise, but has not received a response.

But in a media release earlier today (November 6), SMRT revealed six employees, among them a manager, an engineering supervisor and four crew members from the building and facilities department, will face disciplinary action for falsifying inspection records. 

At present, it remains unclear how many people have cooperated in the exercise or how the information will affect the inspection and audit process, which is now underway.

Regarding the reprieve policy, SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek told local media: “In order to quickly establish the extent of such improper practices, an amnesty period was allowed for staff to volunteer information in open reporting as a mitigation against further disciplinary action.”

The vice-president of maintenance has also since been replaced.

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