Readers' Choice Awards: Best Recruitment Firm - HR and Administration

Relative newcomer People Advantage stormed to success in the Readers’ Choice Awards, taking home three prizes

Perhaps of keenest interest to HRM Asia readers in their own professional lives, the Best Recruitment Firm – HR and Administration positions category was one of the most competitive in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

It is, after all, the one category where HR professionals are likely to have experience as both a client and a candidate.

People Advantage proved the most popular service provider here, adding a third prize to its two other Readers Choice Awards in 2017.  Shamala Balakrishna, Assistant Manager, Talent Link, of People Advantage (pictured) says the team was ecstatic to come out ahead in such a broad spread of categories.

“We certainly view this as a great acknowledgement of the team’s hard work and efforts, especially since we are a relatively young company fighting alongside other big players in a highly-competitive market,” she said.

A superior system, and a close focus on customer service were two key factors behind the wins.

“At People Advantage, we focus on providing innovative and cost-effective manpower outsourcing," Balakrishna said. "We have developed a deep understanding of our customers that allows us to design, develop, and deploy the best-fitted workforce and most meaningful solutions for them."

HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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