Kiwis have trust issues

Hearing less-than flattering comments about co-workers and office politics such as secrecy and favouritism have been identified as key factors.

A significant proportion of New Zealand employees do not have faith in their colleagues.

Jobs website Seek, which engaged in research on trust in the office, deduced that only 31% of Kiwi employees trusted all of their co-workers.

In fact, 54% of respondents had their trust broken by a co-worker and those who had their trust broken were considerably less prone to have faith in their colleagues.

The survey also showed that hearing colleagues talking negatively about others was the chief reason to have a lack of trust in the office.

The second biggest reason for not having faith in their colleagues was due to the “political” climate of the work environment, such as secrecy, favouritism as well as engaging in strategic game playing.

The survey canvassed the views of 4,000 New Zealanders.

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