What’s on the lunch menu for UK employees?

Workers appear to be settling for convenient options over healthy meals, a survey has revealed.

UK staff rushing for time have confessed to spending an average of a paltry £5 (S$8.83) a day on lunch.

This is according to a survey conducted by healthcare advisors Benenden.

So what exactly are they spending on for lunch?

Employees are going for sandwiches (59%), bringing food from home (54%), or settling on unhealthy choices such as burgers and fast food (eight percent), sweets (19%), pasties (seven percent) and cakes (15%).

The survey also highlighted that employees are not fully utilising their full lunch break.

Forty two percent of them claimed they do not use their full lunch hour, with 59% only utilising less than 30 minutes.

In addition, about one in four consume their lunch at their desk five times a week with 40% blaming it on “too much work”.

The survey quizzed 2,000 UK workers.

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