How to get 90% of your work done before lunch

Rushing for deadlines? Follow these tips to get the bulk of your work out of your way before lunchtime.

One can fully maximise the first half of the day. By the time lunch rolls, you can get 90% or more of your work done in the morning.

How can you do this? has provided 10 tips for employees. They are built on the Pareto principle.

According to the principle, 80% of one's work comes from 20% of their efforts. Getting 90% of your work done in the morning just means that you might get more than 100 % of your work done everyday.

1. Schedule your day the night before.

Lists all your tasks everyday and when you're going to do them the following day. You will not be productive unless you plan out everything you're going to do the next morning.

Quick tip: Don't over schedule. Keep your to-do schedule light to accomplish the real work.

2. Clean your office the night before.

The clutter in your office creates distractions.

Showing up to work in a declutter environment helps you to think clearer and work harder.

3. Wake up at an ungodly hour.

To really get stuff done, you've got to get up in time to make it work. recommends between 5:30 to 6:30 am. If your morning routine takes a little longer, bump your wake-up time back a little more.

4. Exercise.

Morning exercise helps one to think better, work better, and become more productive.

John Ratey's book, Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain mentions that exercise is essential to reach "high-performance levels in intellectually demanding jobs."

A quick jog or 30-minute yoga session can prepare you for a powerful session to get work done.

5. Stick to your schedule.

Don't let yourself go off track that you've mapped. You have a limited amount of time to get things done. Don't ruin the schedule.

6. Make 60-second decisions.

When you're faced with a decision in the course of your work, give yourself a minute to decide. Your decision will be just as good and it will take a lot less time.

7. Do the toughest tasks first.

Get your biggest and ugliest task done first thing in the morning. The rest of the day will be massively productive.

8. Do your writing early on.

Writing is one of the most mentally demanding tasks. However, writing also has the power of focusing your brain and improving your productivity. Do you writing early in the day, and you'll improve both the quality of your writing and the rest of your day.

9. Don't check your email first thing.

The electronic communication pipeline can be as destructive as meetings. Sure, you need to deal with email. It's important, but don't let it swallow your day by starting out with it.

10. Reward yourself at a certain time.

At a certain point, break out from the schedule and reward yourself with something of your liking. It can be a light snack, chat with a colleague or a youtube video.

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