DPM Tharman: Solely increasing manpower numbers won’t grow economy

He stressed that the Government should monitor the country’s unemployment rate to ensure it does not become structural.

HRM Asia - 29 Sep 2016

The US oil and gas magnate was famous for his blistering office memos to employees.

HRM Asia - 28 Sep 2016

A whopping 85% of Singaporean jobseekers claimed that online comments from ex-staff influence their decision to apply for a position or to seek employment with a particular firm, a new survey has showed.

HRM Asia - 28 Sep 2016

Singapore advocacy group Silver Ribbon wants employers to at least make it voluntary for job applicants to declare a record of mental illness.

HRM Asia - 28 Sep 2016

Affected workers would then be able to get timely help from unions and government agencies to find other jobs, said the Minister of State for Manpower.

HRM Asia - 28 Sep 2016

Kenneth Loo, president of the Singapore Contractors Association Limited (SCAL), tells HRM Asia that such penalties will have a knock-on effect that will spiral contractors already affected by the accidents into further difficulties.

HRM Asia - 27 Sep 2016

The chief reason for this is the lack of awareness among workers on the hazards associated with the types of work they do, the Managing Director of a safety service provider told HRM Asia.

HRM Asia - 27 Sep 2016

Two employees who were fired following a fatal track accident have been receiving assistance from the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) in appealing their dismissal.

Fiona Lam - 27 Sep 2016

To reduce ethical failures, organisations also need to pay attention to their compensation practices and leadership, experts said at an industry luncheon event.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

Over half of the businesses polled in a survey said they want game developer Niantic Labs to remove PokéStops and Gyms near their offices.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

One will help reskill mid-career Singaporeans, and another will provide a guide to identify key competencies in new areas such as data analytics and digital marketing.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

One job applicant who stated that he was employed at a prison actually turned out to be an inmate during that period.

HRM Asia - 23 Sep 2016

Tasked with helping students destress, two-year-old Professor Beauregard Tirebiter is the newest full-time employee at the University of Southern California.

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