Singapore manufacturing firm fined for not paying workers

The accused company did not pay five of its workers from March 2016 to May 2016, which amounted to S$30,000. 

HRM Asia - 24 Mar 2017

HRM Asia highlights some of the latest promotions and job moves in the HR industry.

HRM Asia - 24 Mar 2017

Creating a sustainable and healthy workforce is a key focus for any HR team. Alexander Yap, Global Rewards Director for UTAC, says a comprehensive benefits programme remains a vital investment for employers of all sizes.

HRM Asia - 23 Mar 2017

One key theme of HR Summit and Expo 2017 will be the rise of the startup mindset in even large, established organisations

Sham Majid - 23 Mar 2017

Every week, HRM Asia will profile one of the key speakers presenting at HR Summit & Expo 2017.

HRM Asia - 23 Mar 2017

The global software services company is facing stumbling blocks in growth in an information technology climate this is rapidly moving towards new digital services.

HRM Asia - 23 Mar 2017

Fifty two percent of businesses in the Republic handed out salary increments of between three and six per cent during the last review period.

HRM Asia - 22 Mar 2017

Without big budgets to hire the right skills, how can Singapore small and medium enterprises (SMEs) even tap on the Singapore Government's SME working capital loan to innovate their operations? 

HRM Asia - 22 Mar 2017

Two baristas in the US presented the vice president of global benefits with a petition containing 80,000 signatures demanding for the same paid parental leave entitlement as their non-store colleagues. 

Kelvin Ong - 22 Mar 2017

Although this is only Singapore's second showing on the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, it jumped from 20th in 2015 to first on this year's talent index.

HRM Asia - 21 Mar 2017

Employees in these countries believe multinational corporations can cater to their demands for more work-life balance and job security, a new study noted. 

HRM Asia - 20 Mar 2017

This news comes a day after Cathay Pacific Group reported losses of S$104 million for 2016. 

HRM Asia - 20 Mar 2017

This salary issue comes after reports last month stating that bad loans led to Healthway Medical Group recording a net loss of S$40.2 million in 2016. 

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