What HR can learn from PM Lee's CNY message

Firms are urged to ramp up productivity and training efforts to become future-ready amid the slow economic growth.

HRM Asia - 10 Feb 2016

It has emerged as the chief business priority for HR for the maiden time, a new survey has revealed.

HRM Asia - 10 Feb 2016

The government will help SMEs to build their capabilities for internationalisation and innovation.

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

A devoted husband presented an epic Alice in Wonderland inspired delivery for his wife, Mrs MacHatter.

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

Depositing money on this special day is believed to bring good luck and prosperity

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

How would you expect candidates to respond when you throw a curveball?

HRM Asia - 04 Feb 2016

It pays handsomely to have a Panda bear as the symbol of your organisation.

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