Most common mishaps on the first day of work

At least 54% of those polled have experienced at least one issue when starting a new job.

Muneerah Bee - 28 Aug 2015

A new F&B establishment is throwing a party to hire staff.

HRM Asia - 28 Aug 2015

These women are apparently employed to boost productivity.

HRM Asia - 27 Aug 2015

Singapore must also improve its productivity to avoid slow economic growth.

HRM Asia - 27 Aug 2015

Their employees are now given at least a 10 day notice before taking on a shift.

Sham Majid - 27 Aug 2015

Your rewards and recognition schemes may not be attuned with what makes Millennials satisfied.

HRM Asia - 26 Aug 2015

It is one of the first organisations to introduce this scheme.

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