One in three Singaporeans feel pressured to stay connected with work

HRM 06 Dec 2012

A survey has found that while mobile technologies has resulted in higher work efficiency and productivity, it has also led to less leisure time for workers in Singapore.

According to the latest study by Kelly Services, more than one in three respondents in Singapore say they feel under pressure to stay connected with work outside the normal working hours.

More than half (54%) said that they spend up to five hours per week connected to their work, outside normal working hours. Some 17% said they spend more than 10 hours of their time connected to work.

More than half said (55%) said that while mobile technologies has improved work efficiency and productivity, some 42% said that it has contributed to increased fatigue and burnout.

Vice-President and country general manager of Kelly Services Singapore, Mark Hall, said: "The spread of smartphones, laptops and tablet devices has empowered a generation of workers, for whom the office is always in their pocket, but it is also eating into their downtime."

More than half (57%) of the respondents said they will consider tele-commuting if that option was offered.

"With work now leaping the boundary of the workplace and impacting leisure time, employers need to weigh up the enhanced flexibility on the one hand, with the added burden it is putting on certain staff," Hall added.

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