Lim Swee Say: No letting up on foreign worker quota

New Manpower Minister stressed that firms should not hold out hope on the Government relaxing its policies on this thorny issue.

HRM Asia - 03 Jun 2015
Increased leave allotment aims to boost gender equality in the country.
HRM Asia - 03 Jun 2015

Over half of employees polled in a survey claimed they were anticipated to be at work despite battering weather conditions.

HRM Asia - 02 Jun 2015

A British expert panel says that prolonged sitting can lead to obesity, heart problems, cancer and even early death.

HRM Asia - 02 Jun 2015

Hint: Their unshakeable habit is on display during meetings..

HRM Asia - 02 Jun 2015

Rise in assignment activity and resource stresses from organisations are increasing the burdens on HR.

HRM Asia - 29 May 2015

A kettle and microwave oven in the pantry is too passé. British workers want more from their dream office

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