Kelvin Ong - 23 Oct 2017
Direct Japanese investments have created nearly five million jobs across Indonesia in the last few decades.
Kelvin Ong - 23 Oct 2017
Uber and Malaysia's Employees Provident Fund have partnered up to encourage drivers to contribute to a retirement fund.
HRM Asia - 20 Oct 2017
The latest Tripartite Standard on Grievance Handling has already been adopted by over 220 employers.
HRM Asia - 19 Oct 2017
These industries are not only digitally mature, but are forever changing and adapting to market conditions.
HRM Asia - 19 Oct 2017
Not having the personal touch leaves job-seekers frustrated and unimpressed.
HRM Asia - 16 Oct 2017
Measures have been taken to bring senior railway officials back down to earth.
HRM Asia - 16 Oct 2017
The shop's unique hiring rule is making heads turn.
HRM Asia - 16 Oct 2017
The issue of karoshi, or death from overworking, has again been put in the spotlight.
HRM Asia - 15 Oct 2017
HR professionals are needed more than ever in the current volatile business environment. Here are five ways they can stay ahead of the uncertain game ahead.
Kelvin Ong - 13 Oct 2017
Staff, among them reporters and sales executives, were told to leave the premises by 6pm on Thursday (October 12).
HRM Asia - 13 Oct 2017
Many young locals regret their choice of tertiary course, while 22.2% are unsure why they ended up in their current jobs.
HRM Asia - 12 Oct 2017
The flow of skilled migrants is helping to counterbalance the ageing population in many Asian countries.