Employers want more ‘Super Performers’ in their offices: Survey

HRM 21 Feb 2013


Employers in Singapore are bemoaning the lack of top talent in their offices and view the majority of their employees to be below par.

A recent survey by RecruitPlus revealed that 99% of 4,000 employers believed that their offices had bad hires, and percentages ranged from 10% to 50%. On the flipside, good hires seemed to be a rarity, with only 64% of respondents agreeing that there were Super Performers in their companies. These Super Performers ranged from about 10% to 30% of their workforce, and were recruited from three main sources: referrals, recruitment agencies and job boards.

The differential value between a Super Performer and a bad hire is marked by compensation: employers are fine with paying Super Performers 10% to 30% more salary than bad hires. However, with all respondents believing that the performance of one Super Performer was akin to the performance of two to five bad hires, the Super Performer’s work efficiency offsets concerns of high payroll costs.

Companies are indeed feeling the benefits of having more Super Performers in the office, and are looking to hire them: 93% of the respondents would be keen to consider a tried-and-tested assessment tool if that can guarantee hiring of Super Performers, the survey stated. 

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