Employee dedication at its finest

HRM 01 Feb 2013


Think you deserve a pat on the back for being a loyal employee? An article in The Week Magazine looks at some committed employees who took their dedication to a whole new level.

 No medical leave, ever

Think you had a spotless medical leave record last year? You’ve ain’t seen nothing yet.  Sixty-four-year-old postal worker Deborah Ford never called in sick throughout her 44 years of service, leaving behind a sick balance of 4,508 hours at the end of her career. If she needed to see the doctor, she would take a day’s leave.

Longest commute to work

Are high petrol prices getting to you? Then Dave Givens, an employee at Cisco Systems in San Jose, deserves a medal for his conviction. In 2006, Givens won the “America’s Longest Commute” title from tire company Midas for his seven-hour, 186 miles daily commute.

Out of office message: Giving birth to baby. Will return after lunch.

Headmistress Dr. Helen Wright is the epitome of the power career woman. After giving birth, she was back in the office after lunchtime, bringing her newborn with her. Wright has never taken maternity leave for any of her three pregnancies. She wanted to be a good example to students to show them that they can have both a career and child – by bringing the child to the office. "Most women have a choice of taking maternity leave or going back to work and having their babies looked after. Why can't there be a third way?" she was reported as saying.

For the sake of other employees, let’s just hope that their bosses do not redesign performance review standards. 

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