More flexible vacation package for US LinkedIn employees

Employees will not get a fixed number of vacation days.

HRM Asia - 14 Oct 2015

New survey finds 81% of employees rate their productivity higher than their direct reports, co-workers and managers.

HRM Asia - 14 Oct 2015

Better and increased career prospects will be charted for mid-career switchers, current IT professionals and fresh graduates.

HRM Asia - 13 Oct 2015

There is a lack of skilled local talent in three areas, says report.

HRM Asia - 13 Oct 2015

This is part of its new CEO’s plan to increase the company’s efficiency.

HRM Asia - 13 Oct 2015

Caroline Lim, Global Head – HR & Corporate Affairs, PSA Group, shares how HR can don its HR H.A.T – Heart, Authenticity, Tenacity.

HRM Asia - 12 Oct 2015

The injuries they suffered from included lacerations, smoke inhalation and burn injuries.

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