Is innovation high on your HR wishlist?

It has emerged as the chief business priority for HR for the maiden time, a new survey has revealed.

HRM Asia - 10 Feb 2016

He urges firms to ramp up productivity and training efforts as the slow economic growth can be seen as an opportunity for businesses to be future ready.

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

A devoted husband presented an epic Alice in Wonderland inspired delivery for his wife, Mrs MacHatter.

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

Depositing money on this special day is believed to bring good luck and prosperity

HRM Asia - 05 Feb 2016

How would you expect candidates to respond when you throw a curveball?

HRM Asia - 04 Feb 2016

It pays handsomely to have a Panda bear as the symbol of your organisation.

HRM Asia - 04 Feb 2016

The enforcement operation will span over the next four weeks to ensure workplace safety and health standards.

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