Does your workplace hire free agents?

Free agents in Asia-Pacific form 34% of workforce, higher than global average.

HRM Asia - 08 Oct 2015

Oliver Blume was previously responsible for its production and logistics.

HRM Asia - 08 Oct 2015

Compulsory medical checks required for selected crane operators.

HRM Asia - 07 Oct 2015

Employees want to share more about their career goals, a survey has shown.

HRM Asia - 07 Oct 2015

Around 200 employees will be offered competitive retrenchment packages.

HRM Asia - 07 Oct 2015

This is on top of its original plan to cut 2,900 jobs although it denied new figures.

HRM Asia - 06 Oct 2015

The airline employees caused a strike after hearing its decision to reduce headcounts.

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