2016’s lamest excuses for reporting sick

How would you react to the fact that your employee called in sick because she was blocked in by police raiding her house?

HRM Asia - 21 Oct 2016

The survey also highlighted that two out of three unfaithful females claimed they cheat at the office.

Paul Howell - 21 Oct 2016

One corner of Switzerland is looking to close its doors to thousands of workers in neighbouring Italy,

HRM Asia - 20 Oct 2016

The rising number of independent and women directors indicates growing diversity in the boardrooms of Singaporean firms, a new report has found.  

HRM Asia - 20 Oct 2016

A new salary guide also found that salaries across the country's HR industry are expected to increase between 8% and 15% for the year 2016/17. 

HRM Asia - 20 Oct 2016

HRM Asia shares some of the latest HR appointments across the Asia-Pacific region. 

HRM Asia - 19 Oct 2016

Her death signals troubling times for Japan's workforce, where 25% of organisations reported workers who have clocked more than 80 hours of overtime each month.

Paul Howell - 19 Oct 2016

New research shows almost eight out of 10 IT decision-makers in Singapore admit to storing data without authorisation.

HRM Asia - 19 Oct 2016

DHL Express' new Singapore facility, set to employ 250 people, reinforces the government's identification of the logistics sector as a key industry. 

HRM Asia - 18 Oct 2016

This is part of a restructuring exercise that will also see the merger of two of its dailies My Paper and The New Paper.

HRM Asia - 18 Oct 2016

The global talent shortage has also affected Singapore employers, where more than half of respondents reported difficulty in filling jobs. 

HRM Asia - 18 Oct 2016

Bus drivers will now have to attend the Enhanced Vocational Licence Training Programme conducted by the new Singapore Bus Academy. 

HRM Asia - 18 Oct 2016

Alice Lee, Director of Human Capital and Development, Pan Pacific Singapore, tells HRM Asia how she got her start in HR.

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