Yamini Chinnuswamy - 11 Dec 2017
We kick off our 2017 Retrospective series with this year’s most read guest contributions.
Yamini Chinnuswamy - 10 Dec 2017
Your guide to organising holiday revels for your employees.
Yamini Chinnuswamy - 08 Dec 2017
The world’s biggest job sit has released its top employers list – all based on employee feedback.
HRM Asia - 07 Dec 2017
Maritime experts recently came together to discuss the future of talent in the industry.
Kelvin Ong - 06 Dec 2017
The company hopes to reach more potential hires through this innovative approach.
Yamini Chinnuswamy - 06 Dec 2017
Key takeaways about recruitment, from HRM Asia’s recent HR for SMEs Congress.
Yamini Chinnuswamy - 06 Dec 2017
The global e-commerce giant has launched a specialised corporate service for its voice-enabled digital assistant.
Kelvin Ong - 05 Dec 2017
With the economy on the mend, Singapore companies are expected to invest more in people and technology from next year.
HRM Asia - 05 Dec 2017
The 16th edition of Asia’s showpiece workforce management show will focus on HR 4.0 – rethinking the way you work.
Yamini Chinnuswamy - 04 Dec 2017
Companies face stiffer penalties for failing to provide adequate protection or education against sexual harassment in the workplace.
Kelvin Ong - 04 Dec 2017
The results are in, and despite positive trends among certain demographics, overall labour growth still looks weak.
Kelvin Ong - 01 Dec 2017
HR technology is an enabler of transformation, not a means to an end.