Tech as a leadership tool

HRM 30 Nov 2012

Chris Jenkins

Executive Vice President and General Manager for Asia Pacific, Acision

Today’s accessible technology is developing a new breed of leaders. With the proliferation of smart mobile devices becoming mainstream, there is a significant shift in the way we can shape the business environment, as well as interact and communicate with both internal and external audiences.

Staying on top of news and trends in any industry is important in enabling us to seize opportunities as well as remain ahead of the game in today’s competitive market. Information remains crucial to our decision-making process as it enables leaders to provide a solid point of view and facts in any situation – making us more efficient.

SMS for example is still one of the most effective means of communication, allowing leaders to make business decisions on the go and in every part of the world.

In addition to SMS, today’s hyper-connected communication channels means there are countless ways to communicate, using multiple over-the-top messaging or social media apps. It allows people to connect via different services depending on the audience and engagement, while driving efficiency.

It is important for us as leaders to grow with the industry and constantly look ahead to improve performance with innovation through new technologies and services. This will constantly drive efficiencies and develop a new generation of leaders.


Tony Chisholm

General Manager, Sofitel So Singapore

Being on the pre-opening team and spearheading an iconic hotel like Sofitel So Singapore brings with it the responsibility to always be clued in whether it is on the hotel’s development, employees’ progress, or guests’ feedback. Gadgets and technology have not only made this easier but also more real-time and transparent.

Technology has allowed me to create a more supportive environment for my employees to thrive in and I’m able to share information and ideas freely to serve partners and guests better. Technology enables connectivity and sharing of ideas, so that everyone from the management level to the service executive know about industry happenings and our hotel’s direction. My gadgets have also allowed me to stay organised and updated for meetings and daily tasks on the go, from resolving operational issues to reviewing customer satisfaction trends and even evaluating employees training programmes.

Technology and seamless connectivity are also a critical component of today’s traveller’s value proposition. Feedback through email, social media and online surveys often guides our decisions. For instance, findings from the Accor Asia Pacific Business Traveller Survey have guided us to offer free Wi-Fi by the end of this year, helping us serve guests better.


Andreas Asander

CEO, Asia Pacific, Clavister

As Clavister is a mobile and network security solutions provider, I see the impact technology can make in people’s lives. Therefore, I understand that technology can be a very effective enabler to not just meet business objectives, but to lead my organisation.

As my job requires, I frequently travel around Asia and Europe to ensure success of our corporate activities, reporting back to our headquarters in Sweden. However, with the advancement of technology, I am always in touch with my people wherever I go.

Today’s workplace, including Clavister’s, is increasingly made up of a mobile and remote workforce who use handheld devices such as Tablet PCs or smart phones to access company emails, contacts list or calendars. As a leader, I use the same and I set a good example by ensuring that I use remote working tools smartly and cautiously, making sure that I maintain the integrity of our corporate information. The ability to host a secure online meeting with staff or customers, for example, or to access information securely through VPN, is a necessary requirement for running an efficient business today.

As a leader, I believe keeping communication channels open makes employees feel connected to the leadership. These channels also keep me aware of the employees’ thoughts, questions and issues.

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