Why are workplace deaths in Singapore on the rise?

The chief reason for this is the lack of awareness among workers on the hazards associated with the types of work they do, the Managing Director of a safety service provider told HRM Asia.

HRM Asia - 27 Sep 2016

Two employees who were fired following a fatal track accident have been receiving assistance from the National Transport Workers’ Union (NTWU) in appealing their dismissal.

Fiona Lam - 27 Sep 2016

To reduce ethical failures, organisations also need to pay attention to their compensation practices and leadership, experts said at an industry luncheon event.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

Over half of the businesses polled in a survey said they want game developer Niantic Labs to remove PokéStops and Gyms near their offices.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

One will help reskill mid-career Singaporeans, and another will provide a guide to identify key competencies in new areas such as data analytics and digital marketing.

HRM Asia - 26 Sep 2016

One job applicant who stated that he was employed at a prison actually turned out to be an inmate during that period.

HRM Asia - 23 Sep 2016

Tasked with helping students destress, two-year-old Professor Beauregard Tirebiter is the newest full-time employee at the University of Southern California.

HRM Asia - 23 Sep 2016

Workers appear to be settling for convenient options over healthy meals, a survey has revealed.

HRM Asia - 23 Sep 2016

Hearing less-than flattering comments about co-workers and office politics such as secrecy and favouritism have been identified as key factors.

HRM Asia - 22 Sep 2016

Following a spate of resignations, Singapore’s fourth bus operator also scaled back on its multiple route policy.

Sham Majid - 22 Sep 2016

Over one in four younger workers are feeling stressed out due to the intense political debates at the workplace, research has revealed.

HRM Asia - 22 Sep 2016

Traditional training programmes fail to deliver visionary and collaborative leaders, new research has shown.

HRM Asia - 21 Sep 2016

Hit by an unexpected spate of resignations, Go-Ahead is loaning bus captains from SBS Transit and SMRT.

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