Base salary or performance bonus?

A new survey has deduced Singaporeans’ salary preferences.

HRM Asia - 28 Jul 2015

Gift is classified into Financial Rewards, Family and Recreation Treats and Staff Benefits.

HRM Asia - 28 Jul 2015

The late Joycelyn Ling has been lauded as "a firebrand of energy, inspiration and a leader of immense ability."

HRM Asia - 28 Jul 2015

If you constantly check emails outside of office hours, you might just be working overtime.

HRM Asia - 28 Jul 2015

Union wants compensation for pilots employed in France.

HRM Asia - 27 Jul 2015

New report reveals the top 10 safest jobs in 2015.

Sham Majid - 27 Jul 2015

Thailand’s national carrier seeks to reduce operating costs and capacity by 20% under the two-year plan.

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