Kelvin Ong - 22 Jun 2017
Partnering with Grammy Award-winning band Gorillaz on a new app, the carmaker hopes to fill some 5,000 engineer roles.
HRM Asia - 21 Jun 2017
A company spokesperson tells HRM Asia that reports it is already making plans to lower headcount are inaccurate.
HRM Asia - 21 Jun 2017
CEO Travis Kalanick was forced to resign in light of recent controversies, but will remain on Uber's board of directors.
HRM Asia - 20 Jun 2017
Just because HR allows casual dressing doesn't mean leggings or sweat suits are right for the office.
Kelvin Ong - 20 Jun 2017
Work pressures cause many professionals to power through pain, leading to high levels of costly workplace presenteeism.
HRM Asia - 20 Jun 2017
Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board, each company will invest over S$2 million into skills training.
HRM Asia - 19 Jun 2017
The reorganisation also sees Nike consolidating its geography into four main markets.
HRM Asia - 19 Jun 2017
Quality of human capital is one of the key measurements in the 2017 Global Innovation Index.
HRM Asia - 19 Jun 2017
Over 200,000 employees have participated in the Roche Children's Walk since 2003, raising over S$21.8 million to date.
HRM Asia - 16 Jun 2017
These are the most sought-after companies in the world, in terms of engagement, job application and retention rates.
Kelvin Ong - 15 Jun 2017
Change is already happening, and Microsoft's new study posits that HR leaders in Asia have to lead the transformation.
HRM Asia - 15 Jun 2017
Dubbed "Snaplications", the fast food chain hopes to reach more youths through this approach.