Drawing top talent through smart recruitment

HRM 11 Dec 2012

I shared a story at our recent user conference on October 9, 2012. The moral of that story was how smart and effective recruitment can pull talent away from other employers towards you. The audience agreed with me that with a low unemployment rate and other factors, most if not all of the businesses in Singapore are facing a talent crunch. As a result, employers are finding it very hard to get people to advance their business.

As HR, we need to remind ourselves that recruitment is not just about posting job ads and doing hiring administration. Recruitment is about generating a pool of suitably qualified candidates for a job and making it attractive for potential employees to want to join your organisation.

Hiring managers must think and act like a marketer. Just like marketing a product, every step of the hiring process (yes even the way the job posting was constructed!) will be examined by the candidates, affecting their perceptions, feelings, opinions, how they perceive your organisation and what it stands for, and ultimately whether they would click on the ‘Apply’ button.

Some organisations have key performance indicator (KPI) for hiring managers on how fast they fill up a vacancy, also commonly known as ‘Time-to-Hire’. I would like to suggest that this KPI be supplemented by another KPI – ‘How satisfied was the organisation (new hire’s supervisor, co-workers) with this new hire?’ We should find out and measure how the new hire contributed to the culture and performance amongst other measures. The reason is simply because if HR wants to be more than an administrative expert, and be a strategic partner to the business, all activities in HR should revolve on fundamental questions such as:

•        How can I as HR contribute to the business?

•        How do we create a powerful linkage between business strategies to HR strategies?

•        How can we develop the organisation, its people and culture to deliver high performance?

And in the whole HR delivery process, getting recruitment (the very first step) right will be of paramount importance. HR should use tools and technology to support your recruitment strategies. Besides using social media such as Facebook and Linked In to recruit and maintain organisational branding, HR should also consider leveraging on technology to make the recruitment process more effective and efficient. For example, many recruitment systems allow you to filter the thousands of resumes into ‘qualified lists’ based on user definable queries (asking salary, education level, years of experience etc.) saving the hiring manager many hours of manually filtering through email resumes. Some other time-saving functionalities include integration with job-boards, online assessment tools, and transfer of successful candidates directly into your existing HR database. But more importantly, recruitment systems can also help you to manage your talent pool by sending them automated yet personalised emails. Constant updates through newsletters also allow you to keep ‘warm’ with those candidates that you wish to hire but have no immediate suitable vacancy for.

So start planning your recruitment strategy now!

Ho Chee Tiong

Sales & Operations Director

+ Tel: 6333 6133   + Email: prosoft.sales.sgp@unit4.com   + Web: www.myprosoft.com


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