Leadership Development


The softer side of things

The impact of having soft skills cannot be undermined. What are the important soft skills required by HR professionals? HRM finds out.
Sham Majid - 09 Feb 2015
Earning an MBA is often regarded as the game-changer when it comes to advancing through the ranks of the corporate world. But what competitive advantages do MBA graduates hold over other degree-holders and what are the heralded programmes of today? HRM investigates
Sham Majid - 20 Nov 2014
Leadership is espoused by almost every organisation. But what do these businesses need to actually craft their own credible and thorough leadership development programmes? HRM profiles the leadership armada within FMCG giant Unilever
HRM Asia - 10 Nov 2014
We all know effective leadership is key to organisational success. Yet organisations often report that they do not have the leadership capability required. How can HR have a stronger and more embodied leadership presence so as to serve the business with more impact?