Yang Kee Logistics' greatest HR successes in 2017

Ken Koh, Group CEO of Yang Kee Logistics, shares the company's greatest human capital successes last year, and its plans moving forward.

Ken Koh

Group CEO

Yang Kee Logistics

From successful business acquisitions and partnerships, to building the world’s first framed, multi-story automated container depot, Yang Kee Logistics has seen tremendous business growth in 2017. While partnerships are crucial to business growth, at the heart of every business is its human capital.

To this end, we were recently recognised under the Human Capital Partnership (HCP) Programme, and received the HCP Mark to signify Yang Kee Logistics as an exemplary employer in the community. As we set our sights on becoming an industry game-changer, we are proud to witness exponential growth.

I must emphasise that our achievements today are attributed to our people. I always believe they are our company’s building blocks. Yang Kee Logistics would just be an empty shell without them.

To enjoy sustained success, we continuously invest in developing human capital, setting aside annual budgets for customised training, and upskilling to maximise their potential. We run our own teaching academy, training employees on the core operational skills they require for their jobs.

As the logistics industry is constantly facing manpower challenges, we also strive to innovate how we grow and attract new staff. We strongly believe in empowering our employees to do their best for the company.

Apart from training and development opportunities, we also invested heavily in our staff facilities this year. At our headquarters in Jurong, we have a fully equipped gym, canteen, and children’s corner. This affords our employees convenience when it comes to taking care of their health, and also empowers our working mothers to balance their career and family responsibilities.

As we expand our global footprint, there will be more career development opportunities for our employees, especially Singaporeans. We are looking at a yearly headcount growth rate of 5%, so it is ever-more vital that we bolster our recruitment and HR strategies to build a robust global team.

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