Worker finally sacked after 5.5-year absence

The staff member was somehow able to remain on the payroll despite skipping work for 2,002 days.

After missing work for 2,002 days, or almost 5.5 years without any valid excuse, a civil servant from Malaysia’s Ministry of Education has finally been dismissed.

Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid told local media that it is still unclear who the staff member was or how the lapse happened, but that it took place in a rural school.

“The principal was persuading the employee to come to work for years,” said Khalid.

"We take into consideration the fact that civil servants staying in rural areas sometimes are forced to take a boat for six hours, then drive for two hours before walking for another four hours to finally get to work ... but I'm not saying that's what happened (in this case)," he added.

But this case also highlighted a much deeper problem within the organisation, as the minister revealed that there were some 1,950 reported cases of absenteeism committed by ministry employees between 2010 and October 2017

Of this number, 68% were committed by rank-and-file staff while the rest involved managers and above.  

Khalid also urged all staff to uphold integrity in their work, especially as public office workers.

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