Where have all the skilled talents gone to?

New report reveals the scope of challenges organisations face in recruiting talents.

Fifty six percent of recruiters have identified the shortage of available skilled talent as crucial impediment in hiring.

This is according to the new 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey that was unveiled by Jobvite.

Moreover, a staggering 95% of recruiters expect equal or increased competition for talent throughout the coming year.

"Landing a highly skilled candidate can sometimes feel like hunting for an elusive unicorn," said Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite.

"So, as this year's Recruiter Nation study points out, recruiters need to get creative and take a multipronged approach using social media, insights gleaned from analytics, and mobile tools, while engaging the entire organisation to help find and hire top talent. That's how winning companies will stay one step ahead in this competitive career landscape."

According to the survey, 78% of recruiters have cited that they get their best candidate through referrals, up from 60% in 2014, signalling the personal touch has epitomised as an effective tool.

The next most effective targeting ways are sourcing for candidates via social and professional networks (56%), and intern-to-hire programmes (55%).

Other significant findings have deduced that:

What is important to recruiters

  • More than half of recruiters feel that cover letters and college Grade Point Averages (GPAs) are relatively insignificant in assessing candidates
  • Among the qualities that leave the most lasting impressions on recruiters culture fit (88%) and previous job experience (87%)
  • 96% of recruiters still rely on face-to-face interviews, and 93% depend on resumes. However, recruiters are now also delving deeper to connect with candidates by utilising strategies such as video interviews, personality tests, and sample assignments

Tools of the trade

  • Recruiters need  to utilise data into their work, with 72% recognising that data analytics are somewhat crucial or very crucial
  • An overwhelming 92% of recruiters use social media in either discovering or assessing candidates
  • 87% of recruiters utilise LinkedIn, while 55% utilise Facebook and 47% utilise Twitter

What recruiters observe on social media

  • Around three-quarters of recruiters see candidates in a positive light when they post content linking to volunteer, professional, or social engagement work.
  • 25% of recruiters have cited to having a negative outlook of selfies, and 73% report they are neutral about this. Under three percent even have a positive stance of selfies
  • 54% of recruiters object to social posts revealing candidates drinking alcohol, but posts that show marijuana use are viewed much more negatively at 75%
  • 72% of recruiters respond negatively to spelling and grammar errors

The 2015 Recruiter Nation Survey comprised of responses from over 1,400 recruiting and HR professionals .

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