Teledirect Telecommerce's HR metamorphosis

HR Insider preview: How the contact centre's HR transformation happened in tandem with the overall business evolution.

Business process outsourcing hub Teledirect Telecommerce first embarked on a complete organisational overhaul in 2014, and as Group Director of HR and Talent Development Gaurav Hirey shares with HRM Magazine Asia, HR was right there at every stage of the company’s technological and cultural metamorphosis.

The HR team’s greatest and most impactful contribution has undoubtedly been the employee digital platform, simply named Flash.

Here’s one thing you need to know about Flash: Every little activity – whether it’s recruitment, customer relationship management, training and development, performance management, or even sales tracking – is conducted and managed out of this integrative system.

Hirey says having a completely digital internal system has been a crucial component in the company’s ongoing development and transformation journey.

“Today, we have 4,000 people. By 2021, we intend to be over 12,000 employees: that’s the plan. So we have to prepare for that,” says Hirey, adding that the company experienced a 20% growth in headcount in 2017 alone.

With an already-large workforce hailing from over 20 countries, Hirey says the automation of processes is also somewhat self-serving: it helps to ease the pressure on HR.

But for the new innovations to be truly effective, HR has also been forced to improve its own digital literacy. At the start of this year, the company created the role of an HR transformation manager. One of their main responsibilities is specifically to help build digital capability within the HR department. 

Every week, the manager spends two days on training for HR, and the remaining time for all other departments.

Hirey says this is only the beginning, as the regional talent management crew is in the midst of preparing an elaborate training calendar within Flash, where “people can just log on and attend sessions”. 

Read the full interview with Teledirect Telecommerce's Group Director of HR and Talent Development Gaurav Hirey,  out on April 24. 

Check out some behind-the-scenes shots from our photoshoot with the Teledirect Telecommerce HR team here

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