The secret lies of employees

A new poll has uncovered all the darkest secrets that employees are keeping from their employers.

Workers are hiding all sorts of things from their employers – from political affiliations to social media pages. This according to a new poll by employment website Simply Hired, which surveyed 1,000 US workers to uncover their everyday deceptions.

Of the participants, 54% were male while 46% were female.

Lying about doctor’s appointments was the most popular secret that employees kept from their bosses, with 34% of those surveyed indicating it.

Crying at work (30.1%) and sleeping at work (29.8%) were neck-and-neck for the second and third spots respectively

Some of the more unusual or shocking hidden truths include stealing from the company (13.8%), having sexual intercourse at work (11.1%), and faking family members or kids (5.1%).

Interestingly, female employees were more likely to lie about doctor’s appointments, with 46% of women surveyed indicating it, versus only 24%.

Conversely, men are twice as likely to use legal or illegal substance during work hours (24% of men versus 12% of women.)

"I've hidden being pregnant in the early stages because I was up for a promotion at the same time and didn't want it to affect my chance," said one 32-year-old female respondent (7.5% of respondents indicated lying about pregnancy).

Check out the further details about the survey results here: What Are Employees Hiding

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