The secret to being an employer of choice

A new survey has revealed the attributes that candidates value in employers.
The Employer of Choice Survey 2017 by CareerBuilder Singapore has uncovered the attributes that make employers attractive to candidates. 
The survey, which iovolved almost 3,000 SIngaporean workers found that the potential for good career growth and opportunities (93%) and a diverse and a non-discriminating work environment (92%) are the key attributes of "Employers of Choice".
Respondents also shared that they value the ability to learn and grow in a job and a conducive and pleasant environment, with an attractive pay, bonuses and monetary compensation only coming in as the third most important
Other key factors being considered include job security, a comfortable physical work environment, and good employee benefits.
On the flip side, a lack of career growth opportunities was found to be a the most popular motivating factor for switching jobs (~64% of respondents). Unfriendly work culture (~45%) and unhappiness with superiors (~42%) were also commonly cited reasons for leaving a job.
“The Employer of Choice Survey 2017 results offer interesting insights to how any company, big or small, can stand out, draw and retain talent," said Sam Ng, Managing Director of CareerBuilder Singapore.
"Contrary to the common belief that job-seekers only want money, SMEs and start-ups too can have a fair chance at securing good employees with an informed understanding of what matters most to job-seekers," added Ng.
Other key findings in the survey include:
  • Tech companies are most desired
    Out of the top 10 employers listed in the private Employers of Choice category, five were tech companies. For three consecutive years, tech giant Google was seen as the most preferred Employer of Choice in the private sector. Other tech companies that were ranked favourably include Apple and Microsoft.
  • Passion is a top priority
    Majority of job-seekers chose to enter a specific industry due to their keen interest in the line of work, followed by the industry’s relevance to what they studied in school. Among the various industries, the banking / finance / investment industry (21%), as well as the government / civil service / military industry (19.6%) and the healthcare / medical industry (17.9%) were the most preferred industries to work in.  
  • Fresh graduates expect promotions fast, along with work-life balance
    Among fresh graduates who were polled, one in two (53%) expect their first promotion within two years of being employed in a company. Close to one in three fresh graduates also expect to be promoted to a managerial role by the third year of their employment.

    However, the survey also found that despite the huge desire to climb the corporate ladder, most of the fresh graduates polled (68.5%) were only willing to put in the standard hours at work.
  • Online reigns king
    Respondents continue to rely heavily on online resources and word of mouth to find jobs. “Online job portals” (~46%) were the most commonly used channel, followed by ads, banners, emails, features and news on the internet (~34%), connections through family and friends (27%), and social media (25%).


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