Readers' Choice Awards: Best Recruitment Firm - Mass Recruitment

People Advantage picked up three Readers' Choice Awards in 2017, including the prize for best firm undertaking mass recruitment activities

Mass recruitment is big business in Singapore and Southeast Asia, with large numbers of both roles and candidates, as well as a broad range of experience levels, involved with any single contract. But that doesn’t mean the recruiters can afford to ignore customer service and engagement as a priority – far from it.

For Ezra He, Account Director (pictured), these are the two distinct advantages that help People Advantage stand out in the market, and in the Best Recruitment Firm – Mass Recruitment category of the Readers’ Choice Awards.

“This means conducting regular engagement sessions with both our clients and candidates to gather feedback on how we can add value to them,” he said.

The solid backing of parent company Certis also helps to ensure People Advantage has a strong candidate pool to compete for the biggest recruitment contracts.

"We're also identified as one of Certis' three major recruitment engines," He said. “That’s massive! These well-tuned engines power our recruitment needs and enable us to expand our candidate pool.”

The future also looks strong for the three-time winner in this year’s Readers’ Choice Awards, with He noting that the company is embarking on multiple new projects to expand the business even further.

"One of our key priorities will be to look out for and impliment more efficient and innnovative technologies to further value-add to both our customers and candidates."

HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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