Readers' Choice Awards: Best Corporate Relocation Provider

Winner Altair Global goes beyond the call of duty to ensure the relocation process is seamless.

Relocation is about moving talent around the globe, but a good relocation process takes care of an organisation’s employees even after the shift is completed.

This “after-hours” type service is one of the prime features of Altair Global, says Chad Sterling, CEO of Altair Global Relocation (pictured).

“We truly believe in caring for people beyond the relocation process. I believe that when a person truly cares about you, you will feel it and appreciate it,” says Sterling, adding that “care” stands for “Concern”, “Appreciate”, “Respect”, and “Empathy” at the company.

This is the service culture and commitment that Altair Global makes to all its clients, assignees and supplier partners.

“Gone are the days when relocation focused a lot on the coordination and the logistical end of things, or even much beyond compliance and governance,” Sterling explains.

In line with the trend, Altair Global has started direct service delivery in strategic locations across Asia-Pacific, offering a full suite of destination services to regional clients.

“We aim to bring the success of our ‘care’ culture and service commitment from the global front, to the ground in Asia-Pacific, and from global buyers to the regional end users,” says Sterling.

Being voted by HRM Asia readers as this year’s Best Corporate Relocation Provider validates all the work that the company is currently doing.

“This endorsement confirms that we are not alone in our belief and direction, and we will continue to push the service envelope, giving our assignees the relocation experience of their lives,” says Sterling.


HRM Asia's Readers' Choice Awards were presented on September 8. All of the winners will be unveiled in the special Readers' Choice Awards forum.

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