P&G and Tote Board Singapore collaborate to give back

Procter & Gamble co-organised a marketing workshop to impart vital marketing skillsets to professionals from social service organisations.

Under the auspices of with Tote Board Singapore’s Case Study Collaborator programme, Procter & Gamble co-organised a workshop on marketing to help social service organisations to build their marketing capabilities.

The engagement was jointly conducted by Singapore-based social enterprise Empact and volunteers from P&G, under its Pro Bono School umbrella, to share key takeaways in successful marketing campaigns, with support from HCSA Community Services.

The half-day training workshop provided a learning opportunity for social service professionals to take a deep dive in marketing; how marketing can be applied to enhance their business model and value-add to their organisation.

“We understand that social service organisations face many of the same challenges we do. With skill-based volunteering we are able to leverage our expertise in giving back to the community,” shared volunteer Maithreyi Jagannathan, who is an Associate Brand Director, Personal Health Care, at P&G.

“We are delighted to see that Tote Board’s Case Study Collaborator programme has brought together cross sector partners to uplift the capabilities of the not-for-profits through skills-based expertise. We hope to see more companies coming onboard to partner not-for-profits and intermediaries like Empact, to bring impact to the social sector’s capacity building to a greater scale,” said Boon-Ngee Sebastian, Senior Director, Grant Management, at Tote Board Singapore.



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