Ministry shakes up Indian railway sector to end VIP employee culture

Measures have been taken to bring senior railway officials back down to earth.

The railway ministry has ordered a series of shake-ups to eradicate the privileged culture rife in the railway sector.

In an unprecedented move, the ministry ended a mandatory 36-year-old protocol for general managers to be present on arrival and departure of the Railway Board chairman and other board members during zonal visits.

The excessive privileges of senior railway officials have also been curtailed at home, after the former was ordered to relieve all railway employees who have been working as domestic helpers in their homes.

Officials estimate that around 30,000 trackmen work at the homes of senior officials. They have been asked to resume their railway duties.

In addition, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has also asked senior officials to stop commuting in cosy saloons and executive class travel privileges and to instead travel in regular sleeper and mid-tier classes in the hope of interacting with thousands of other regular-travelling passengers.




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