Microsoft to cut 2,850 more jobs

The latest round of layoffs comes as the company dismantles its mobile phone business.

Microsoft plans to shed an additional 2,850 jobs globally over the next 12 months across its smartphone hardware business and global sales division.

The announcement, made quietly in a government filing last week, takes Microsoft’s total planned job cuts to 4,700, or about four percent of its workforce.

Nine hundred of the layoffs in the global sales unit have already been completed.

The news comes on the heels of the software giant’s earlier confirmation in May that it would slash some 1,850 jobs in its mobile wing.

Microsoft had bought Finland-based handset maker Nokia in 2014 for 5.4 billion euros in an ill-fated attempt to take on market leaders Apple and Samsung Electronics.

Three months into that buyout, Microsoft had wiped out 18,000 jobs, mostly in phone hardware, affecting many of the staff who had joined as part of the Nokia deal. A year later, a further 7,800 people were shown the door.

CEO Satya Nadella, who took the helm just two months before the Nokia deal closed, has been focusing on restructuring the struggling smartphone business. Nadella has made it clear that Microsoft’s priorities remain in cloud computing and mobile platforms.

As of June 30, Microsoft had about 114,000 full-time employees worldwide.

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