HRM Magazine's search for Asia’s most effective workplaces is on!

In this all-new ranking, HRM Magazine is combing the region to locate the ten most ergonomically-sound offices.

Move over abstract artwork. Make space for indoor greenery.

HRM Magazine is embarking on a completely independent, brand-new research, to locate not only the most aesthetically pleasing offices here in the region, but the ten most ergonomically-sound set-ups.

We will be combing high and low for the next two months, from Singapore to Thailand, and Hong Kong to Japan, the offices that have most positively impacted their employees and businesses.

This exclusive ranking will go deeper than the physical appeal of an outfit, focusing on the parts of the corporate environment that truly make employees tick.

The ten-best workspaces will be rated on how well their features, design concepts and office layouts all come together to contribute to employee productivity, innovation, health and wellness, and overall engagement.  

We're talking ample lighting, adjustable table heights, high ceilings, wide-open discussion spaces, throngs of activity-based work areas, breakout rooms, green buildings, welcoming walkways and even well-placed staircases.

We already have some companies in mind, but we want to consult you, the HR community here in Asia, to give us your suggestions for which offices you strongly feel make the cut. It could even be your own organisations!

So do send the ones that have caught your eye to or by October 1, 2017. We’re waiting!

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