HR Summit 2017: Focus on culture

Achieving large-scale change across an organisation is one of the biggest challenges an HR team can set its mind to. HR Summit & Expo 2017 showcases case studies and advice from organisations that have successfully navigated a new culture

There is no doubt to be entered into the debate: culture is what drives business success and sustainability in the modern age. If your organisation has a culture of engagement, innovation, and staff development, that is exactly what it will output.

Of course, getting to that stage is much easier said than done. The journey to a new culture requires an all-hands-on-deck approach, with buy-in and driving from all levels of the organisation.

HR Summit& Expo 2017’s Redesign stream focuses on how organisations can improve and even fully overhaul their employee cultures. It includes an exclusive presentation Scott Doman, the director of marketing, public relations, and international talent for well-known innovation giant Netflix.

In The Netflix Culture and High Performance, Doman will take the audience through the significant culture change that Netflix embarked on from around the start of the new century. It involves diligently hiring only “A-level” players who will work for the benefit of the company first and foremost; being open and honest about performance;  and actively working to build and maintain the teams and culture developed.

The Redesign stream will also hear from Rita Trehan, an international business transformation expert and former senior executive and Chief HR Officer. Her presentation It’s All About Culture – Why We Need to Talk About It and How to Measure It, will share some well-learned advice on cultural transformation programmes.

Trehan offers a new, innovative way to get to the heart of engagement in organisations of all sizes. She provides a set of practical tools that HR can use to shape the corporate agenda, and also provide deep and rich insights into what people truly think and what can ultimately drive performance within the business.

HR Summit & Expo Asia 2017 takes place at Suntec Singapore on May 3 and 4. For more information, contact, or call 6423 4631.

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