HR Clinic: Effective job rotations

Panasonic's people services manager talks about leveraging job rotations to build a globally-minded workforce.

How can HR implement job rotations effectively to build a globally-minded workforce?

About the author

Loh Kwok Cheong, General Manager, Corporate HR, Panasonic People Services, Singapore

To groom a globally-competitive workforce, Panasonic has a job rotation programme for employees at the global and regional levels. These programmes not only develop and nurture our people for key roles, but also optimise their potential and skillsets as well.

Additionally, on a global scale, our high potential candidates are seconded to our headquarters in Japan for work attachments, to acquire new skills and knowledge.  In 2007, we fully introduced the “Working in Japan” programme to accelerate the learning and development of this talent pool from across the globe.  To-date, 800 employees have benefited from this programme.

In Asia-Pacific, promising talents are assigned to take up roles in regional offices for frontline experience in various functional roles.  These roles range from manufacturing to sales and support functions, such as procurement and IT. These assignments last between one and two years.

To prepare assignees for these roles, we host and conduct executive training regionally. One such training intervention is the Global Leadership Programme held in the UK and Singapore. The training is acollaboration with our counterparts in Europe and our Japanese headquarters. 

To imbue our talents with different global perspectives, we have Singapore’s NUS Business School and NTU Nanyang Business School as our training partners.

Upon successful completion of their training stint and job attachments, these high potentials will return to their home countries to assume leadership positions.  They are also expected to do knowledge transfer, impart skills and groom the next level of high potentials who will succeed them.

At the local level, we extend job rotations across different and within business entities. We also have an internal career opportunities programme, whereby employees can apply for internal positions as part of their career development.


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