The four pillars to building a future-ready workplace

HR futurist Jason Averbook says technology is only a small part of the overall picture.

Far too many HR leaders are focusing too much on the workplace technology available to them, rather than building up a digital mindset across their organisations. This was the warning that HR futurist and author of HR: From Now to Next Jason Averbook delivered to the HR XLR8 Summit on Wednesday.

“There are hundreds of enterprise solutions available on the market, but they won’t change anything unless the workforce changes with it,” he said. “HR needs to also look at the mindsets, processes, and the people involved.”

Averbook attributes different weights to each of these four pillars, with technology figuring as the least critical. According to his research, it is the mindset of both people and the organisation that is the most important avenue to change.

The four pillars, and their weights, are:

  • Mindset:  the willingness and enthusiasm for digital endeavours across the organisation –  45%
  • People: the specific skills and attributes among the workforce – 25%
  • Processes: The strategies for communicating and effecting change – 25%
  • Technology: The actual software tools – 10%

Averbook delivered the keynote address of Day Two of HR XLR8 Summit, at the Holiday Inn Orchard City Centre in Singapore on June 27.


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