Cities with the fattest paychecks

Deutsche Bank's annual "Mapping the Worldʹs Prices" survey looks into global prices and living standards globally.

According to a new report by Deutsche Bank, workers in the Swiss city of Zurich can boast the highest salaries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the list is largely populated by cities in Europe and the US. The Australian metropolis of Sydney is the highest Asia-Pacific entrant on the list at number four.

Singapore is the highest Asian entrant, taking 13th place.

Here is the top 15 list:

1. Zurich, Switzerland — US$5,764 (SG$7,687)
2. San Francisco, US — US$4,974 (SG$6,634)
3. New York City, US — US$4,115 (SG$5,488)
4. Sydney, Australia — US$3,914 (SG$5,220)
5. Boston, US — US$3,740 (SG$4,988)
6. Oslo, Norway — US$3,664 (SG4,886)
7. Chicago — US$3,650 (SG$4,868)
8. Copenhagen, Denmark — US$3,462 (SG$4,617)
9. Dubai, United Arab Emirates — US$3,447 (SG$4,597)
10. Frankfurt, Germany — US$3,389 (SG$4,520)
11. London, United Kingdom — US$3,381 (SG$4,509)
12. Melbourne, Australia — US$3,263 (SG$4,352)
13. Singapore — US$3,099 (SG$4,133)
14. Amsterdam, The Netherlands — US$3,058 (SG$4,078)
15. Tokyo, Japan — US$3,004 (SG$4,006)
The report also includes rankings of the quality of life in various cities, as well as disposable income after rent. In the former, the New Zealand capital of Wellington came up tops. Australia's big cities were not far behind, with Melbourne ranking fourth, and Sydney ranking 10th.
Asian citieis fare poorly in terms of providing quality of life -- Tokyo, Japan, was the highest entrant at 27 (out of 47 in total), followed by Bangalore, India, at number 34. 
Check out the full report here: Mapping the world price's 2018
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