Asia's most effective workspaces: Go-Jek (Jakarta)

Indonesia's hottest startup Go-Jek's homely headquarters is next on our list.

Go-Jek (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Employees - 800

Indonesia’s hottest startup has created its own take on the open-plan office, by designing its South Jakarta headquarters in the style of a home living room. Its 200 staff can relax in groups around the widescreen television monitor, work alone in individual small pods, or take advantage of the Go-Chill and Go-Library multipurpose rooms. This is all designed to enhance employee health and wellness, while contributing to a familiar atmosphere that drives collaboration and productivity.


  • Open space working environment, with individual pods also available
  • Lounge room feel to add to the family-like culture within the organisation
  • Adaptable rooms for training sessions, long meetings, and even just hanging out

So what?

  • Recreating the living room experience helps to enhance employees’ comfort, productivity as well as collaboration levels
  • Also conducive for individuals who need to “zone in” ahead of urgent deadlines
  • Ergonomic furniture supports good sitting posture and improves blood circulation
  • Activity and exercise classes further encourage healthier lifestyles

They say:

“For us, an ergonomically-sound and effective workspace means looking at our employees’ wellbeing holistically. It goes beyond just providing fancy facilities. We believe in the importance of not only healthy minds and healthy bodies to increase productivity, but also healthy relationship between our employees. It is part of our commitment to creating a conducive environment to support this.” 

- Monica Oudang, Chief HR Officer, Go-Jek


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