Asia's most effective workspaces: Changi Airport Group (Singapore)

Changi Airport Group's newly-refurbished office takes our breath away with its indoor-outdoor concept.

Changi Airport Group (Singapore)

Employees - Over 900

Designed by - Realys Group

Singapore airport operator Changi Airport Group’s newly-unveiled office – within Terminal 2 of the hub – is a product of the organisation’s Workplace Transformation initiative that started back in 2013. The transformed space, equivalent to some 88 five-bedroom apartments, is in line with the group’s vision of being a “workplace of the future”.


  • Teams sit in small clusters of four workstations each
  • Instead of the usual large floor of open workstations, the workspace is divided into smaller “communities” of between 40 and 60 employees
  • These communities are connected by a wide variety of alternative discussion spots and rooms
  • “Bio-phillic” design that brings the outdoors into the office: over 1,800 potted plants, green walls, and even a paludarium (aquarium combining both land and water elements)

So what?

  • An environment that not only facilitates but also encourages more in-depth conversations within teams
  • Atmosphere also reinforces the company’s sense of community spirit and belonging
  • Layout designed to prevent possible visual and noise distractions, even in open settings

They say:

“We are extremely proud of how we as a company have embraced the positive changes that Workplace Transformation has brought about. Through our post-transformation survey, our employees shared that effectiveness and communication at work are enhanced in the new workplace.

"In fact, 98% of our employees feel proud of our new workplace. At the end of the day, it’s really all about our people.”

- Justina Tan, Managing Director, People, Changi Airport Group


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