Amgen's new "Next-Gen" manufacturing hub

With this latest launch, Amgen has now invested more than S$400 million into its Singapore operations.

Biotechnology firm Amgen has unveiled a new manufacturing support office located at the Tuas Biomedical Hub in Singapore.

Amgen has dubbed the facility as a Next-Gen Workplace, which it says has been designed to facilitate innovation and collaboration, enhance productivity, and to build a vibrant work culture to support its growth in Singapore.

Spanning more than 7,500 square meters, the hub will support both Amgen’s NextGen Biomanufacturing and Chemical Synthesis manufacturing facilities. The company has now invested more than S$400 million into its Singapore operations.

Arleen Paulino, Vice President, Site Operations at Amgen Singapore Manufacturing, says the Next-Gen Workplace will also play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining talented staff.

Boasting various collaboration spaces that encapsulate Amgen’s brand values, the new workplace engages employees with highly flexible activity-based work options to drive faster decisions, foster greater exploration of ideas and connect colleagues while integrating social spaces for employees to recharge. 

“The NextGen Workplace in Singapore marks an important milestone in our ongoing journey to become more agile and patient-focused.

"This new workspace and our complementary work policies not only enhance our productivity and the way we work but will also support our efforts to create a workspace that is open, empowering and encourage collaboration,” says Paulino.

This is not Amgen’s first real estate foray into Singapore. In 2014, it opened an environmentally-friendly biomanufacturing facility (also in Tuas), as part of its commitment to serving the Singapore market. 

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