Four out of 10 Singaporean employees missed out on salary increment

A new survey and infographic provides insights into salary trends in Singapore over 2017.
According to the Job Outlook Report released by, approximately 44 per cent of Singaporean employees did not receive any salary increment last year. The survey involved 400 Singaporean employees across various industries, and aims to offer insights on market trends and salary benchmarks.

Top three company benefits employees want
The survey also found that Health Insurance, Extended medical coverage for family and Flexible Working Plans are the top 3 benefits that employees want. However, less than half of the employers surveyed currently offer either of these benefits. Employers can consider including these as a staff benefit to improve staff engagement and talent retention.

Improved sentiments about job market
The survey also revealed slight improvements in job-market sentiment amongst hirers and candidates. Candidates expressed hope that foreign and local companies will set up or grow their businesses in Singapore, which will in turn engender an expansion of manpower. Only five per cent of hirers expect a total hiring freeze, an improvement from last year’s 21 per cent, with intentions to hire mainly for replacing or filling essential positions. 


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